Applicability of Android tracker for Covid-19

The Covid19 tracker app in your Android phone instrument facilitates knowing physical proximity with a person infected with COVID-19. This Authenticated software application is developed by the Department of Health of the Government. It is accessible on the configuration of your Android instrument. This App enables Android devices to get alert by notifying and disclosing a person affected with Covid-19. One can enable and disable the feature as per their preferences.

Purpose and application.

Purpose and exercise of the software tracker application.
The software application is accredited, authorized, and recognized by the Health Department of the Government. It serves two primary purposes stated below.
1. When you’re affected with COVID19 or have been in proximity to a person indicated having COVID19, details concerning it may be shared, thereby making the public aware of to make them vigilant.
2. This software in your device will provide you with information to be guarded and send warning signals if you have been in proximity with any person affected by Covid-19. The information shared puts people on the alert.
Android devices frequently update the software and provide services accordingly when downloaded. It is a built-in automation process of the installed software.

Procedure to begin
Steps to follow:
1. Upload the App from the Regional Department of Health. Play Store of your device guides you through this
2. Check the availability and accessibility of the applet in your domain.
3. Follow the instructions while installing the App.
4. To get the communication now and then, enable the option.

Device Settings
The below requirements in settings are to be taken into account for uploading the applet.
1. You must have Android 6 or above version.
2.  Bluetooth should be turned on.
3.  Android 10 versions have to enable location for tracking the device, but Android 11 versions do not demand that requirement.

The Tracking system will produce an Identification code arbitrarily on your phone, and this Identification code varies after some time (maximum 20 minutes) to ensure that your device is not monitored. The phones with ‘Bluetooth on’ with the App-enabled shares the Identification code, as your device records their Identification code, this app tracks easily. It will guard and guide you on the ways to move on further if a person has Covid-19.

Discover and ascertain.
Factors pointing to tracing the person infected with Covid-19 is first ascertained. The Department of Health and the concerned officials work on the aspects while you are in connection/proximity with Covid-19 affected person will be updated in the information system of the App accordingly. Details about which day the connection had taken place, the contact period will be updated in the Bluetooth.
The Department of Health officials are forbidden from using your phone site to share your identity with others. This setup requires to keep your information confidential.

Safeguarding Privacy
The selection to use the system is left to you. You have absolute control in receiving the messages and share your data. The option to share the ID if exposed to Covid-19 or infected with Covid-19 is left to your discretion.