The Relevance of Android Automated Systems

A smart house is an automatic control for a home appliance installed with advanced robotic technology of home devices. It will screen and regulate the working of house appliances like Audio-Video system, Kitchen equipment’s, Water Heater Table Mount Touch Screen, Internet Control, Light, Security alarm, Camera System, Wireless Wall Mount Connections, etc. With the advancement of technologies pervading, more resonant home technology has become widespread. It facilitates controlling the activities of a home.

Use of Android Mechanization technology for Household appliances.

People are engrossed in using modern gadgets in the present world of technological advancement and innovative new equipment with riveting features. It has become an inevitable addition to their lifestyle. Android Operating System offers an application for an automation system to control, monitor the home appliance.

There is a rapid increase in the usage of mechanized home appliance systems, and a vast network is developed for this purpose. The software package is established in Android to communicate with these appliances and control them. With the available applications, you can monitor your home from anywhere with your Android smartphone.

Device requirement.

If we want to get started with home control appliances, we require an INSTEON controller device with different Android applications to install this mechanism. MobiLinc X, Insteon for Hub, Homeboy for INSTEON Hub, INSTEON Lighting, HUB 6 App, Smart Touch Switch, Agave are Apps that support INSTEON. Home automation project with Android App is accessible and easy to comprehend.

Essential Hardware for installation.

8051 micro-controllers, Voltage Regulator, Diodes, Resistors, Push-button, Transformer, Rectifier TRIAC, Capacitor, Opto-Isolator, Lamp Road, Crystal and Bluetooth devices are the Hardware Necessities.

Essential Software for installation.
We need Keil Software and Device supporting Android Apps and Assembly C-Program Language.
Home Automation Using Android Project.

Account/Description of the project.
There are four phases of power supply.
Transformer — This is the first phase where the transformer reduces the AC-power in not more than a radius of 12v.
Bridge Rectifier– In the second phase Bridge Rectifier is used to convert an AC input to DC output.
The third phase Smoothing-Capacitor AC Wavelet is removed.
Fourth Phase Regulator -Using a regulator IC to normalize the power supply according to the circuit specification.

Android Built Home Mechanization Project Equipment
The Android Project kit for home has solved home mechanization by making things easier and simple to access.  The standard switches which were in different rooms in the house caused difficulties and inconvenience in operating mainly for physically challenging people. They had physical constraints in moving fast. Android advanced technology has given a handy solution for fast approachability. TRIACs and Opto-Isolators are used for wiring with 8051 microcontrollers in this venture. With the help of GUI(Graphical User Interface), one can function through any Android phone.

Touch Screen takes through the process of this operation. Music players, gaming, and home equipment use the Graphical User Interface to receive signals through visuals and graphics to operate. The android phone sends commands and instructions through their application to execute the work of devices at home. Android supports remote control operation.
Examples of Smart Home Technology supported by Android
Some prevalent examples of Smart home technologies supported by Android devices are Touch screen, Sensor Security system, Arduino home appliance, Microcontroller designed PIC, Wi-Fi smart devices, smart home appliances for security and electricity, devices giving voice instructions, Wireless Sensor Network, Voice Control home appliances based on Zigbee.


The advancement of technologies with applications supporting Android has made it probable for the Smart Home system’s progress with Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Arduino Uno, etc. Smart Home project with the usage of Android applications to control home appliances through Touch and Voice commands have made life easier by integrating the electrical device in the house with each other. Centralized Control of houses has upgraded convenience, vigor, security, and productivity by increasing life quality.