How to Download Driving License App & Save Digital DL on Government’s Digilocker App


Before understanding the download and saving process of the Digital DL on the Digilocker app, it is important to know about Digilocker and why it is useful

What is Digilocker?

This technology was initially launched by the Indian government under the supervision of Union ministry of electronics and information technology. This aims to remodel India to a digitally operational society. Here the documents issued by the government like driving license; registration certificate etc. can be stored in the digital form. Thanks to this digital wallet that you do not have to carry your documents all the time. You can view the documents in digilocker app by going to the ‘uploaded documents’ section under ‘My certificates’

Each file to be uploaded should not be more than 10MB in size. It provides a personal cloud or online storage. The documents uploaded here can be used for verification or other usages.

Let’s see how to download the driving licence app:

Digilocker is a Government app for Driving License where all the details related to the driving license can be seen and shown to others. However, it is imperative to have your Aadhar card linked to this Digital Driving license app for using it.

To download Digilocker follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to Google Play store and search ‘Digilocker’ and click on install

Step 2: Open the app and sign up if you are a new user. For the existing users, you can log in with your existing id and password.

Step 3: For signing p you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Enter the same and click on continue

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the mentioned mobile number. Put the same OTP and click on verify.

Step 5: Both email id or mobile number can act as a user name. You can put any of your choice

Step 6: Choose a password which will be 8-30 characters long, contains a word and a special character. Enter the password and sign up

Step 7: you can set your four-digit pin for this app for better security (Go to settings and set pin and re-enter the pin. In the settings page the pin option shows enabled which means your pin is correctly set)

Step 8:  Click on the back arrow in the digilocker app and you land to the homepage

Step 9. Enter your Aadhar number

Step 10: Read and accept the terms and conditions and click continue. Aadhar card is successfully linked to digilocker account.

(The linked Aadhar card can be seen under issued documents. A digilocker verified mark appears on your Aadhar card.


How to upload and save DL on this app:

Dls and other documents can be saved in this cloud storage for personal use. Remember only issued documents are considered for verification the other documents which are only uploaded, are just for your reference.

Step 1: Go to Menu

Step 2: Click on Uploaded documents

Step 3: Click on Upload sign (For creating a new folder and saving the documents there you can click on the folder option)

Step 4: Prompt appears ‘’ Allow digilocker to access photos media and files on your device’’ Click Yes

Step 5: For uploading the documents you can upload from your phone as well as from Google drive. For uploading from your phone storage. Go to the relevant files and click on the checkbox adjacent to it and check on the Upload option.

For uploading content from other applications like Google drive, click on the option upload option content from other apps and select the particular document in Google drive

For future reference, the uploaded documents can be viewed for the ‘Uploaded documents’. Here select the file you want to see and double click to open.


How to issue DL on this application?

Issued Ds in the application can be more useful as it works as a valid ID proof. Follow the below steps to issue:

Please note that this can be done by two processes:

Process 1:

Step 1: Go to digilocker app and click on Dashboard

Step 2: Click on your digital driving license

Step 3: A page appears with your Aadhar number and date of birth and below you get the option to enter your details of Driving license.

Step 4: Read and accept all term and conditions

Step 5: Click on ‘Get document’ to have the Driving license issued in the Digilocker application

The documents can be seen in the issued documents tab

Process 2:

Step 1 : Go to digilocker app and under the issued documents you can find a magnifying glass

Step 2: You can see the Government Authorities of different states. Select the one which is relevant to you. (Please note that the Aadhar card name and DOB in the selected authority should match with the Aadhar card details in the application)

Step 3: Go to the transport department of your particular state and click on ‘Driving License’

Step 4: Put your Driving license number and enter your father’s/mother’s/ husband’s details as it appears in the driving license.

Step 5:Click on the checkbox and then click ‘get document’

If there is any change in your original documents, the same can be replicated in your digilocker app as well. Follow the below steps:

  • Under issued documents select the document
  • Click on the 3 dots appearing adjacent to the documents and then click refresh
  • The updated information will be shown in the Digi locker app.