How to reinstall windows 10 in an easy-peasy manner


Windows 10 can definitely make your works faster. If you still do not have windows 10 or if you are wondering how to reinstall windows 10 then this article will help you:

Use the following steps to reinstall your Windows 10 PC using the “Reset this PC” option:

To enter the settings menu, right-click on the Windows start button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. After going to settings, you will have to find “Update & Security.” then click on “Recovery” from the left pane. After this step, you must “Get started” under “Reset this PC.” Following this step, a may find a pop-up message once you get the same click on “Keep my files. After doing this step you can have the most recent version of windows 10.

If you upgrade your PC from a prior version of Windows to Windows 10, you will see a warning notice saying that you will not be able to cancel the upgrade or roll back to the previous version of Windows. To proceed, click “Next.”

Now do reset when you get the option “Ready to Reset This PC” interface. Your computer will reboot and begin the reinstallation of Windows 10.

The Windows function “Reset this PC” is perhaps the quickest way to reset your PC. It is a safeguard: you can only store files by “resetting this PC.” All user-installed applications and programs will be removed from reset. Ensure you have backups of any critical data before you schedule a reset to avoid missing current applications, drivers, and programs. If you are still thinking about why should you reinstall windows 10, then check out the reasons cited below:

  • Reinstalling Windows 10will boost the speed of your PC
  • Reinstall Windows 10 to use Cortana more effectively
  • Windows 10 has better media apps
  • It is better than IOS for tablets
  • Reinstalling Windows 10 helps you with a better browsing experience

Thus follow the above steps to install windows 10 most quickly.

Reinstalling windows 10 can save you from job loss and downtime. Reinstallation option can help you save your existing data.


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