Pension plans:


Pension plans and retirement plans have gained popularity off-late. The pension plan helps individuals with regular salaries post-retirement. These pl;ans are helpful as they can cover people during unforeseen necessities even after retirement.

Basically, pension plans allow you to accumulate part of your savings so that you can have a steady flow of income post-retirement. By availing of a pension plan, you can have a secured financial future. With the help of pension plans, you can plan your retirement in a phased manner, and you reduce your financial helplessness after retirement.

Now, let’s look into the different types of pension plans:

Types of pension plans:

The pension plans can be divided into the below categories:

Deferred annuity: in this plan, regular premiums are paid, and at the completion of the policy tenure, the pension amount is provided to the insured. Here one can avail a tax exemption of 1/3rd of the corpus fee on withdrawal while the other 2/3rd of the corpus remains taxable. Moreover, the amount will be locked here, and one cannot withdraw the amount even during an emergency. This type of pension plan is suitable for all types of investors- for people who can invest a chunk of money in one go and also for people who can plan their investment monthly.

Annuity certain: Under annuity certain, the annuity is paid for a certain number of years. Here you can choose the period, and the amount is paid to the beneficiary in case of the insurer’s death.

With cover and without cover pension funds: These are the two pretty common types. As indicated in the name, you can enjoy a life cover component under the option with cover. Upon the death of the policyholder, a lump sum amount is paid to the beneficiary. Without cover, pension plans will not provide you live cover component, and under this option, the lump sum amount is paid to the nominee upon the insurer’s death.

Guaranteed period annuity:

Under this option, the annuity amount is paid to the policyholder for a certain period like five years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, etc.

Life annuity:

Under a life annuity pension plan, the insurer can enjoy the pension amount till death. Upon the death of the insurer, the pension amount is paid to the spouse.

Immediate annuity: As the name indicates, this type of pension provides you with the facilities immediately. Here one can invest a lump sum amount in one go. The insured here can choose from various annuity options, and the premiums that people pay are exempted under income tax. In case of the demise of the insured person, the nominee can receive the money.


The government of India has introduced this pension plan to secure the fin financial future of people upon their retirement. Here the money is invested in equity and debt funds to generate ROI. Around sixty per cent of the money is paid at the time of retirement, and the remaining forty per cent is utilized to purchase an annuity.

Whole life ULIPs:

Under the whole life ULIP, the money is invested for the insured’s whole life after retirement, and here partial withdrawal facility is also provided. Here the individuals enjoy a tax-free income. Moreover, people can make additional withdrawals whenever they need.

Defined benefit:

Under the defined benefit option, the insurer can pay a specific amount from the retirement income for life. The total earning here depends on the number of years you serve for a particular employer.


Defined contribution:

Under this plan, the income post-retirement is not guaranteed, but the contributions are guaranteed.

Thus, these are the types of pension plans that you can avail to secure your earnings post-retirement. You can check the most feasible options for you and do the planning accordingly.


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