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Tax paying is a major concern of every salaried people. There will not be any individual who will not think of ways to pay minimum tax. Investing under 80C, 80D etc can help you save tax to a considerable extent. However most of the time people fail to analyze exactly how much tax they will have to pay. In this article we will talk about some apps that you can have in your smartphone that will help you calculate your tax so that you can make an attempt to save them.

Think tax:

This is an excellent tax calculating apps for the android users. Here you need to feed in your details like the breakup of your salary, savings, investments etc. and this amazing app will give you a calculation of how much tax you will need to pay.

My Tax India:

This is another tax calculating app for the ios users. Here you can enjoy a detailed breakup of your tax like the tax splits and how much investments you will need to make to save tax etc. This app allows you to track your savings and it displays the tax through graphs

Tax guide with 10 calculators

This tax guide comes with ten calculators and it also helps you know about your long term capital gains. With this app you can easily monitor how much tax you can get exemption under the income tax exemption

This app allows you to ask read and discover everything at Indian lax laws. Here you can have speculations about business tax and you can keep yourself abreast with new income tax guidelines.

The final verdict:

Thus if you want to manage your tax in a hassle free manner you can consider calculating your taxes with the help of the apps mentioned above. You can solve your money problems in a better manner by managing your tax better.

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