Hiring new employees in office is like adding new members to your family and you cannot afford to make any mistake in your hiring decision because a lot depends on it. Taking such decisions in a hurry can be costly for you in long run. You must take time to do your research to ensure that the candidate you have chosen is trustworthy and absolutely suitable for the post.

Apart from initiating background checks, social media checks and standard job interviews, you can go for a reference check as a part of employment verification. Sometimes it is the only way to know your candidate well.

Reference checks give you the opportunity to verify facts mentioned in a candidate’s resume, cover letter and interviews. It also allows you to see your candidates through the eyes of another professional.

To enjoy all these benefits of reference checks, you need to ask your candidates for the list of their professional references. You must not forget that the particular list will only contain the references which they want you to get in touch with. If you think you know someone else to call as well then don’t hesitate to do so. After all it is way easier to rely on someone you know already than on someone you have never known or interacted for the first time.

We would always recommend you to go for a reference check even if the candidate seems to be trust worthy and a perfect fit for your company. Don’t forget to tell the reference the reason why you are calling. Tell them who you are, mention your company name and give them other relevant information. Once you are done with this ask them the set questions you want to know about your new candidate.

You can ask anything that is relevant to the job but you must keep in mind that any question about protected classes like sex, age or race that goes against interview norms are also restricted during a reference check.

Here are the 10 most important questions that you must ask about your new candidate while initiating a reference check

  1. How does he know about the particular job candidate?
  2. Ask him whether he can verify the job candidate’s employment, post, pay scale and responsibilities?
  3. Ask him if he would like to re hire the candidate if he had an opportunity? And why?
  4. What makes the candidate a suitable choice for the job?
  5. Enquire about his strength and weaknesses
  6. Ask them about their experience of working with the candidate.
  7. Know about his behavior and the kind of relation he shared with his co workers
  8. If there is anything else you should know about the candidate that you did not ask yet.
  9. Ask him if there is someone else who can provide more information about the candidate
  10. If he has any advice for you to manage the candidate

Be a good listener during the phone call and keep in mind who you have called and how the discussion was. A thorough employee reference check Mississauga shows you the real picture of the job candidate. Don’t forget to consider the above mentioned questions to hire the most suitable and trustworthy candidate for your job.