As a start-up is it ever crossed your mind on how you can increase the efficiency of your work with the help of courier services. Finding an international courier service that is reliable and can handle all your orders cost-effectively is a dream come true for every business.

Nowadays most of the business work by outsourcing their delivery work to experts of the field, but pinpointing great courier service from so many international couriers requires some work from your side.

ParcelChief brings the guide to help start-up for finding the best courier partner for their company:

What do you need?

Your courier service partner must be the one that understands the needs of your company; they can handle your orders effectively. Whether you require making a same-day delivery in the town or need to make a courier to Italy they need to have enough staff and infrastructure to serve you with all kinds of needs.

The key is to first check what are your needs, then you can easily pinpoint the international courier based on the services they offer to you. The range of services offered by the courier services will help your company to serve a large number of customers effectively.

Online tracking system

Tracking is one of the most important features that your courier service partner needs to have. It provides your customers with satisfaction that their order is going to reach safe and sound.


Check the courier service has a good record of a satisfied customer. You can go through the kind of review they get or even see their rating on their website. You need to see what people say about the particular courier company, good reviews are the indicator of reliable courier service.

Customer service

Courier service that has a great customer service team is always best to choose for your business. The customer service team is important, as your customers will inquire with them about their problems. Their ability to solve those problems will reflect on your business.


Ask the courier service how they are going to handle the damage or loss of your parcel during transit. There is always a chance of something going wrong during the transportation process of the parcel, find a reliable courier service that provides an insurance policy for such miss-happenings.


Your budget for making a delivery is important to factor that you need to deal with. The shipping charges by the courier service will cut-down your profit. However, you do not need to fear, as there are always cheaper options available in the market. Cheap does not mean to terms o price, but it has more to do with the fair deal.

Check whether the courier service quoting the fair price for the services that they are offering. Using international courier services that offer a fair price and meets the needs of your business is recommended.