How to Promote an Online Store in 2020


Tips to Advertise your Online Store in 2020

E-commerce is still an extremely dynamically developing industry, and more and more entrepreneurs notice the sense of having their own online store. However, the mere fact of its existence does not bring any benefits. Even if you have even the best products under the sun, you must be noticed by the recipients.

In this case, knowledge about online promotion is necessary. A properly developed strategy can significantly improve sales results. How to promote an online store so that the results are satisfactory?

Think about what you want to achieve and how much you want to spend on it

Before you start thinking about a specific online store advertising strategy, you need to analyze the current situation in detail and determine where you want to be. Of course, you can’t escape the topic of money. Promotion, if it is to be professional and wide-ranging, simply has to cost – the trick is optimizing expenses. What are your options?

  • Positioning
  • Google Ads
  • Presence and promotion in social media
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mailing
  • Other, additional strategies (cooperation with price comparison websites, market places, running a YouTube channel, etc.)

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Positioning is so important that it should not be an alternative to your choice – if you want to run an online store, attracting customers and bringing real profits, you need to optimize your site, and thus improve its position in Google search results. However, positioning, as a whole of processes for better organic results and greater conversion, involves a ton of different activities.

Before you start any activities, have an SEO audit of a specialized agency. Why is this so important? Thanks to the audit you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your website, which will help to determine the strategy of its optimization and positioning.

Effective positioning can contribute to the rapid growth of visitors to your website. Such action, however, must go hand in hand with its optimization for the user. There is no revenue without a sufficiently high conversion rate.

So what determines the success of a given website in the context of positioning activities?

  • High position in organic Google search results,
  • High CTR – click-through rate measuring the number of visits to a website in relation to the number of searches for a given key phrase,
  • A satisfactory conversion rate depends on the structure of the site, the quality of the content on it, and issues related to User Experience.

More importantly, it is a strategy whose effects can be seen for a long time. When the web store is designed in accordance with the best SEO practices, or more generally positioning, you can expect constant results.

Of course, you can’t rest on your laurels – monitoring and analysis of flowing data is a complete basis that allows you to catch any changes and problems and quickly fix them.

What are the advantages of positioning?

  • It is relatively cheap. Unlike paid advertising strategies (Google Ads, Facebook Ads), there are no additional costs for running the campaign itself. You pay only for the work of people from a specialized agency. Of course, you can do it yourself, but without the right knowledge and time, the effects may be counterproductive.
  • Some actions are performed once and then watching the permanent effects. You can mention, for example, creating the optimal layout of an online store, the right device of the category, creating the correct structure of URL addresses (as opposed to paid campaigns – e.g. Google Ads – were positive effects last only when you pay for them).
  • Placing interesting and useful content additionally attracts users.
  • Some recipients do not like to click on ads, and a high position in search results will facilitate their acquisition.

Positioning activities include, among others creating valuable and unique content (it is extremely important in the context of an online store to ensure unique product and category descriptions, etc.) and to modify the website’s code to make it faster and more attractive to Google robots.

Link building is also a very important component (obtaining backlinks to your website, which will allow it to be popularized and improve its position in search results). In addition, it is worth mentioning about creating a comfortable visual layout, logical category paths or friendly URL addresses.

The implementation of responsive design is also key to the success of an online store, allowing it to be fully adapted to mobile devices. More and more people are making purchases from mobile devices. You can’t forget to create this site. This is also of great importance for positioning (especially after entering the Google algorithm update called Mobilegedoon).

Website positioning is an excellent and sustainable strategy for promoting on the Internet. However, if you want to act comprehensively and constantly expand your audience, and thus potential customers, consider launching a Google Ads campaign.

This is not an overly economical strategy, but let’s face it – to achieve really satisfactory results, you usually have to pay-per-click. And proper optimization of the campaign can minimize these costs.

Types of AdWords campaigns that you can use in the process of promoting your online store

AdWords Campaigns
Types of AdWords Campaigns You Can Use for Your Store

1. Shopping campaign

This type of campaign is particularly important for online stores. It allows you to promote specific products and their distinction is very clear. If you enter a phrase referring to given articles, e.g. running shoes, the top of the search results will show offers for the query, which will come from various stores running their campaigns in Google Ads.

This solution undoubtedly has many advantages:

  • The offered products are in the most exposed part of the search results list, thanks to which the user necessarily draws their attention (this is not always the same place, sometimes the product offers are moved to the right side, and the organic results are in the center. Everything depends on the assessment of the adaptation of a given offer to the user’s needs, carried out by Google).
  • When presenting your product in paid advertising results, you can also attach price information and add delivery information. This is important data that largely determine the final choice of the customer.
  • Payment is based on the CPC system, i.e. the number of user clicks. This means that you only pay for the ad that really interested the recipient.
  • Ads are maximally tailored to the user’s search. You do not need to specify the keywords to be used as the basis for the ad to appear. Just specify the list of attributes associated with the article, and Google will do all the work.
  • The specificity of the displayed ads allows you to promote several of your products during one search, which increases the chance of clicking on one of them.

2. Display Network Campaign

If you want to reach beyond the search results, you should opt for a Display Network campaign. It mainly allows display advertising on websites cooperating with Google. These are all the banners you see every day on almost every website. Why should you decide on such a step?

  • You have almost complete freedom in determining the graphic form of the ad (as opposed to shopping campaigns, where you have to provide specific data and the thumbnail must have certain parameters).
  • Such advertising significantly increases the reach because it can appear on most websites visited by the user.
  • You can use remarketing to follow a user who has already been interested in your offer before. By monitoring its behavior on the website, it is possible to group such recipients and display them personalized content.
  • Something else will be displayed, e.g. someone who has just visited an online store, and something different to a person who has added specific products to the basket, but has given up shopping.
  • It is possible to accept payments in the CPM model – the cost of one thousand impressions of a given ad, which works better for image campaigns.

3. Video Campaign

By choosing this type of campaign, you can make your product ad appear on YouTube, the Google Display Network or mobile applications. However, it requires more time and money, because it involves the preparation of a spot that will serve to promote the online store.

4. Search Campaign

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is best known for its organic-like advertising results, which, however, carry the ad mark. They are at the top and bottom of the search list. The big advantage of using this type of campaign is visibility in a place that can bring a lot of visits from users interested in a given topic.

Recipients often choose the first items that appear in the results list. This is like a double-edged sword – some people specifically skip advertising results. Either way, the overall effect (assuming paid results are clearly visible and not on the following pages) is usually positive.

From an online store’s point of view, this type of campaign is relevant to general categories or issues. Searching for specific products is most often triggered by the Google Shopping window, which is located in the most highlighted place. You might as well run a campaign covering both types of advertising.

Which type of marketing campaign should you choose?

How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

The choice of campaign depends largely on the goal you want to achieve and the resources you have. This means that you need to carefully examine all options to optimize the entire process as much as possible. What does it mean?

If your goal is to sell as much as possible, then choosing a product campaign is the right solution. Displaying specific articles exactly when the user is looking for them is an extremely effective strategy.

If you’re wondering how to promote an online store in a more general way? A Display Network campaign will work great here. It can refer to the main page of the online store and highlight its general advantages.

Nobody, of course, defends you from combining and mixing individual options. Such action has the best chance of success but costs the most. The key is to adopt a suitable settlement model. In the case of a strategy based on the promotion of specific products (both product campaigns and displayed on the Display Network), and thus focused on sales, it is best to choose the cost per click (CPC), while for advertising the store to increase brand awareness, it’s a good idea to opt for cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Presence and promotion in Social Media

It is probably no longer necessary to convince anyone that the presence in social media should be completely natural for companies wanting to attract and attach users to each other.

However, it is impossible to cite one strategy that will work in each case. Online stores are a very specific group that requires an individual approach to the topic. What is the advantage of social networks over traditional marketing communication?

Social media allow user and company to directly communicate with each other

Online activities, apart from social media for the time being, of course, allow for a greater range of customer activities than the traditional marketing communication model. You can contact the consultant via email, helpline or a special form. However, these days require a lot more from companies.

Today, the customer wants to have the company literally at his fingertips, and the role of good marketers is to enable him. For this purpose, it is good to conduct active communication using Messenger and to conduct a dialogue (and answer questions) in the comments. Users will appreciate it.

Which social media works best?

Of course, the basic platform is Facebook, which has ruled and divided into the social media arena for years. Proper use of its capabilities allows you to attract a dedicated group of customers, as well as reach potentially interested people with an advertising message.

For effective promotion of an online store, it’s also good to use Instagram, which partly attracts a slightly different group of recipients, and allows for easier and faster message reaching the user.

It is, of course, best to diversify the message and its sources. You can also buy cheap and active Instagram Followers UK that can help you on social media. In the case of these platforms, it is easier because you can connect accounts on both services and integrate your message (Instagram ultimately belongs to Facebook).


Twitter is a great place to communicate with your clients. It requires concise posts that are great for presenting news and fresh information on a given business. Why use this tool?

  • Enables efficient real-time marketing activities,
  • It makes it easier to engage users by getting them interested in short information that does not require reading of unacceptable content,
  • You can post ads on Twitter,
  • You can follow and take advantage of fresh industry trends.

Facebook is a complete foundation. However, if you have enough time or money, you might want to consider going into deeper waters. In addition to the above portals, during promotional activities, you can also use Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Advertising on social media

Everyone who runs a fan page or has had minimal contact with the Facebook promotion knows that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform cuts organic reach. Often, speaking about the number of recipients of a given message, numbers oscillating around a few, in gusts to a dozen or so percent, are exchanged among all fans on the site. If you want to reach a large audience and look for new customers, start using Facebook advertising.


  • Promoting posts can be a very effective strategy because it allows for very precise targeting. So you can reach specific users who are more likely to be interested in your products.
  • Placing ads on Facebook is relatively cheap. Of course, it all depends on your preferred coverage, but the amount you have to pay relative to the number of potential recipients is quite favorable. In addition, there is no lower funding limit for the campaign.
  • Facebook ads quite naturally fit into the user’s board, which is why they do not prevent normal use (unlike most traditional online ads).
  • To maximize your campaign’s chances of success, you can use the promotion within a group of custom audiences. Facebook allows the import of external data (e.g. regarding online store users), thanks to which it allows conducting remarketing activities and advertising based on the behavior and preferences of user data.

Facebook Ads allows you to run an advertising campaign on Instagram, so you can create a comprehensive strategy that will work on both platforms.

Ads can also be used by Twitter. You can choose to promote your profile, specific tweet or topic and hashtag. Therefore, it is not a direct advertisement of products, but rather activities aimed at building a larger community.

Where can you advertise an online store at budget-priced? If you can afford a broad range of activities, try to diversify your sources of user acquisition.

Store on Facebook – an additional way to promote products

A very interesting functionality that appeared in Poland relatively recently is the ability to add a shop tab to the company’s fan page. It allows you to add individual products with information about the price or a brief description of the most important features.

More importantly, you can also connect this service to an existing online store. In this case, clicking on the product will redirect you directly to your website (for detailed information on this issue.

16 Mistakes Online Merchants Make and How to Avoid Them (Infographic) – image credit: Fundera

By posting product offers on the most popular social networking site, you can increase customer awareness of your products for free. Running a store on Facebook allows you to attach a separate tab to company posts presenting specific articles that you can buy by clicking on their photos.

Influencer marketing

Why was the above point not included in the social media section? First of all, because bloggers are an extremely important group of influencers (who, of course, most actively run social media profiles, but their websites are still the main area of ​​impact, with specific content valuable to the user). Secondly, the topic is so complex that it deserves a proper place when providing a comprehensive answer to the question of how to promote online stores.

Why influencer marketing?

  • You can reach people interested in your industry who are additionally motivated to buy a given product,
  • Cooperation with web creators will increase your credibility in the eyes of users,
  • This way you diversify sources of customer acquisition.

Influencer search strategy

When choosing a person who will promote products from your store, you must focus on whether it matches your business. It is also worth analyzing a person’s fan profile. This will give you the answer to the question of whether it is worth to “pack” in such activities – after all, you do not want to convey the message to uninterested people. The message must be natural and reliable. This, however, is obvious. It is more important to recognize the following fact:

Do not choose influencers solely for popularity.

Similar circumstances are going with a long tail in SEO. Often the search for influencer among the top representatives of this group is pointless – the campaign can be very expensive, even unprofitable.

Often, a better solution turns out to be cooperation with less known bloggers (and not only) who have their loyal fans. Finding your niche and using it to the fullest is usually a very good, profitable strategy.

A very good solution may be to use the help of so-called micro-influencers. These are people who have a relatively small audience, but their message is much more reliable. The largest number of potential influencers on a micro-scale can be found on Instagram.

How to promote an online store? Other ways

The above methods are the basic and even key strategies for online store operations on the web. However, this is not the end of available strategies. It is worth mentioning additional ideas that will answer the question of how to promote a site that will sell.

Keep a blog

Nowadays, users solve almost all problems with the help of search engines. Running a blog can be an effective strategy for many reasons:

  • This is good for SEO
  • It responds to the clear need of the user,
  • It helps to increase website traffic, and good content increases conversion (which translates into measurable financial effects).

Professional blog articles increase the trust of recipients (if, of course, they are written in an interesting and substantive manner). They can also be a kind of advertisement, describing a given topic in terms of the product offer of your online store.

Use the newsletter and e-mailing

e-mail marketing can help grow your online store

Offering users a newsletter is a great way to tie them together and constantly remind you of your existence. It also enables the promotion of an online store among users interested in a given industry.

Thanks to this, you can gain a group of loyal customers, which will directly contribute to greater efficiency of your operations. Especially since some statistics show that users using the newsletter spend up to 80 percent on the website.

Establish cooperation with price comparison websites

Offering products from an online store in price comparison websites is a strategy that can significantly increase the number of visits to your website. Already the largest portal of this type – Ceneo – indicates that it is used by 15 million users. What are the advantages of this solution?

  • Relatively low cost of reaching recipients,
  • Increasing the scope of the website impact,
  • The possibility of promoting selected products,
  • Thanks to the strong motivation to buy from users, there is a greater chance of making a transaction than when you are just browsing your store.

Work with marketplace

A marketplace is a place that presents products of different categories, but more importantly – from different sources. This is beneficial for both the user and online stores. The first one can find the article that best suits its requirements, and you gain a potential market.

Start a YouTube channel

Running your own YouTube channel responds to the needs of users who want to become more familiar with the specifications of a given product or advice/instructions related to it. However, this is a time consuming and expensive solution, and to achieve success, you need to approach it professionally and ingeniously.

A brief summary

There are plenty of ideas on how to promote an online store. How do you see yourself standing in all this? In my opinion, a complete basic set of tools and activities that you need to include in your strategy is: positioning an online store (including content marketing activities) and running a Facebook fan page.

In the long run, it’s worth implementing ads on a social network whose price is very attractive. As your business grows, think about initiating Google Ads campaigns and additional ways to promote your online store.

If you want to get the best results, think about working with an agency that will comprehensively take care of your store, both in terms of SEO and creating high-quality content, as well as paid advertising campaigns.

The most important thing is awareness of the extremely important importance of promotional activities in the world of e-commerce. Competition is awake, and good business must sell after all. If you let Internet users notice you, you’ll be well on your way to success.