Are you all set to launch your new business venture? Or are you planning to create a new blogging account and connect to your audience? Or maybe planning to get a different and specific type of write up?

In case you are having trouble doing any of the above, or anything related to it, there are tons of content writing companies that would be more than willing to help you out in your problem. While contacting a content writing company, you need to be very clear about what you expect from the company.

The intent of write up should be mentioned clearly to the providers so that they can understand the basic idea behind the content that you are expecting. Make sure the communication is perfect so that you do not face any sort of issues later on while dealing together.

Here we present to you the list of seven of the content writing company in India that would just turn out perfect for your idea of a writeup. The working and the merits of each company are mentioned here, and you can choose a company from the list to suit your needs.

List of content writing company comprising of the top 7 in India:

1. Italics

Italics is a content writing company in Delhi that delivers high-quality content suited to your needs. Italics have been in the market for four years, and it has done a great job providing the best content to several business ventures. They have been successful in empowering several startups and business companies. They have been delivering content according to the needs of the companies and have been successful in doing so.

Italics provides a lot of services for the customers. The services include:

Content writing: Italics caters to different categories like website writing, SEO writing, article writing, newsletter writing, technical writing, blog writing, promotional writing, professional writing, press release writing, resume writing, travel writing, business writing, company profile writing, etc.

Digital Marketing: Italics is not only limited to writing content but also provides services for digital marketing. These services include social media marketing, social media consultancy, content marketing, SEO services, and inbound marketing. Italics also provides services related to web development and design along with print and design.

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2. Orangus

Orangus is another content wiring company that will do its best to suit your taste. It is a global digital marketing company based in New Delhi that also provides the service of content writing. The company has been around for a year or so and it has been able to rule the market is trusted by thousands of companies for their good quality service.

They provide services that include SEO content writing, Copywriting, Educational content writing, Web content writing, Official newsletters writing, Blog marketing, Press release writing, Product review writing, Case study writing, Company profiles writing and many more others.

The global digital marketing agency is open for 24 hours and you can contact them on their email or phone number to relay your needs and come up with a deal from them.

To find more details, you can visit their official website at

3. Consumer Sketch

The journey started in 2005 and from then on, they have been offering customized solutions to fit a wide range of businesses in India, the USA, and Canada. With an in-house team of creative and friendly digital experts they have offered an array of digital solutions; whether it is Website Designing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Web and App Development, Pay-Per-Click advertising, Branding and more.

We believe in learning new happenings that can help our customers to be on the pick. We entirely focus on offering our customers a clear picture of their requirements with our seamless website and app designs.

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4. SEO Expert

The SEO expert company is another agency that delivers content based on the customer’s needs. The company is based in Chandigarh. They have expanded out their business globally in countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Most of their clients are based in other countries and they are currently dealing with customers from all over the world.

The company is known to provide high-quality service along with its extremely professional team.

SEO Expert provides services like Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Link Building Solutions, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Development and many other services. You can contact SEO Experts at their email account or contact number.

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5. Just Words

As the name suggests, Just Words is another content writing company based in Gurugram, Haryana. They deliver good quality content as required by their customers. Their work is spread into a lot of categories, and you can look out if they are going to satisfy your needs.

They offer services like Content Marketing, Blog and website writing and content development, SEO Content writing, Video content writing, Product description writing, Ebooks & Whitepapers development and writing, website content writing and development, Social media content writing and development, Website design and many other services. You can contact Just Words at their email account or contact number.

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6. Inksplore

Another content writing and development agency based in Chennai is Inksplore. Inksplore works just like its name suggests. It explores the writing world with the power of ink. It is going to be a decade in a couple of years since Inksplore came into existence. The very fact that Inksplore has been around for so many years suggests that they provide such services that have made them stay competitive in this field. They provide the best of services with a professional touch.

The services provided by Inksplore include Blog Article Writing, Website Content Writing, Proofreading / Editing, SEO, Content Writing, Ghostwriting Services, Copywriting, Academic writing, E-Book Writing, and other services.

You can contact Inksplore at their email account or contact number. To get more details, you can visit:

7. Coffegraphy

The last company that makes it into the list of our top 6 is Coffegraphy. Coffegraphy is another content delivering company based on the requirements related to them by the companies who need their content to be written in high quality and professional manner while still being able to regain the creative touch.

The best part about Coffegraphy is that they continue to update their services with time. It is an important characteristic for any entity to continue evolving so that it does not lag behind modern times. This is exactly what Coffegraphy has been following, and it has been updating its services with technological advancements.

Coffegraphy provides many services that includes Article Writing, E-Learning content, Blog writing, Review content writing and development, SEO content writing and development, Legal Content development and writing, Product Details writing, Proofreading, Copywriting, Landing Pages, E-book writing, Collateral content development and writing and many other services that keep updating themselves. You can contact Coffegraphy at their email account or contact number.

To get more details you can visit:

To be honest, content writing can become confusing. The narrative can vary according to the business and the target audience. When you are unable to carry out the task on your own effectively, then instead of wasting time on it, it would be more beneficial to hire a content writing company. This could make your work really easy and you would have a better result than earlier.

From the above list of 7 companies, you can choose the one that you feel is best suited. Look through them and decide for yourself as to which company would suit you the best. Did we miss something? Or you know the website that should be included? If so, let us know by commenting here.