Surprise Her this Valentine’s with these Thoughtful Gifts


Just like every other holiday, Valentine’s Day comes with its own craze and popularity. The day is highly awaited by couples across continents and everybody seems to get into the love mode when the day is around the corner.

Gift shops are flooded with new collections, online flower delivery in Delhi and the big cities offer great deals and every mall is decorated in shades of red. Love gets truly in the air when Valentine’s is about to come.

The problem is, with so many options and the countless services that the market offers, it leaves us confused and overwhelmed. Moreover, the big companies with their generic items tend to take away the romance and personal touch from the gifts.

If you are planning to make the day special for your girlfriend or wife, you can look out for thoughtful gifting ideas that would please her without costing a bomb.

Here are some amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will keep the element of romance and personal affair intact while expressing your love for her:

○ Adopting an Animal

Nothing can melt a woman’s heart faster than a little kitten or a pup. Having said that, it can be a huge step so instead of surprising her with a new little life at her doorstep, take her along with you for the adoption process. Not everyone is mature enough and ready to take care of an animal.

So, it is always recommended that you and your partner are on the same page before taking such drastic steps. This would be a beautiful and life-changing experience for both of you and she will remember the day for decades.

○ Her Favourite Book’s First Edition

In the world of kindles and e-books, surprise her with an old-fashioned vintage edition of her favorite book. It can be really hard to get your hands on the first edition of a book but you can try your luck in old bookstores and shops that sell second-hand and even third-hand books. This would make for an amazing gift especially if your partner is a bookworm.

Nowadays, even the book editions are all fancy and flimsy. Bibliophiles always miss the texture of hardbound books with that rustic, raw smell and that beautiful look. After tracking down the old edition, and wrap it in a brown paper to maintain the minimal look. You can send your gift along with beautiful flower delivery in Delhi.

○ Creating a Scent

Perfumes are one of the most gifted items and are loved by all. Sadly, they usually lack the personal touch and that’s what keeps it away from being an intimate and romantic gift option. To get that sensory feeling, you must consider creating a special and unique fragrance just for her.

While there are certain brands that offer customization options, you can even do it all by yourself. Just collect some distinct scents for mixing them together and making an all-new fragrance. To make it better and more personalized, buy a glass bottle and get her name engraved on it. You can use it for storing the perfume and gifting it to her.

○ Flowers

Flowers are the classic and timeless gift of all time. They not only team up perfectly with other gifts, but they can also steal the show on their own. They are perfect for long-distance couples as it is very easy to send Valentine flowers these days, thanks to all the online florists. A huge bouquet arranged with her favorite flowers would be a highly romantic gift.

send flower this Valentine day

You can even lookup on the internet about various flowers and their colors as well as the symbolism they hold. Talk to an experienced florist and let them know what you are planning to convey through the bouquet. They will get your job done in no time. You can even buy succulents or potted plants for her space.

○ Hobby-Related Items

Let her know how much she and her interests mean to you by giving her things related to her hobbies. This idea opens up a lot of opportunities and gifting options. If she is into gardening, you can buy her a set of gardening gloves, shovels, seeds, and so on. For an athletic woman, buying running shoes and gym apparel would be great.

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Hobbies are endless and so are gifting options. Giving her things related to her hobby would encourage her, even more, to pursue her interests and do something big on the niche. For adding an extra romantic touch, you can go for a Valentine’s Day rose delivery and get fresh red or pink roses delivered at her doorstep along with the gifts.

○ A Romantic Trip

This idea is best for couples who don’t get time to be with each other throughout the week. Plan a little weekend getaway to make new memories and cherish each other’s company. Make sure to know her plans well in advance because you surely don’t want to cancel your bookings at the eleventh hour. If going out of town isn’t possible, you can even plan a little picnic at a decent park or a cozy space.

You don’t have to be on the mighty Himalayas or the pristine backwaters to stay in love; all you need for a celebration is the presence of the one you love. Be it a touristy place or the park near your flat, just take her out somewhere where you both can unwind and be away from the hustle-bustle of the city for a while. There are so many beautiful places for couples in Delhi for Valentine’s day date.

Now that you know some crazy and amazing gifting ideas for making your girl feel special on Valentine’s Day. Take out your planners and start figuring out all that you need to do to make the day a memorable one for her.

Just remember, nothing counts more than the thought you put in and even if it’s something very simple that you are planning for her, she is going to love it as long as it reflects the love you have for her.

If all else fails, just go for an online gift delivery service to drop her favorite flowers right at her doorstep and trust me, that would be enough to make her smile for the next of the day.