Before we dive into the effective tips that help to increase the domain authority, let’s have a quick glimpse of what domain authority actually is. Domain authority is one of the essential techniques to measure the rank score of your domain on various search engines. It was developed and brought into the picture by MOZ. Domain authority 2.0 gives an idea of how a website would rank on the search engine as compared to other websites. The higher is your domain authority, the higher your website will be displayed on the search engine.

Although it does not have any effect on the search engine page results by Google, it is more like a tracker of how well a website is ranked.

Domain authority is a good method to measure the performance of your SEO practices. Domain authority is measured on a scale of 1 to 100. 100 is the best ranking score a website can have, and 1 is the worst score that a website can have.

A score between 40 and 50 is considered to be as an average score while a score between 50 and 60 is considered to be good. Anything over 60 is excellent and the websites have a much better SEO ranking.

In case, you are not satisfied with your domain authority then there exist many ways to improve them. You must have got an idea as to why domain authority is important. Here we bring you with some tips on to how can you improve your domain authority:

1. Decide a good domain name for your website

No matter how insignificant this may sound to you right now, but it is quite important to have a nice enough and decent domain name to have a successful website. Your domain name should give away the basic idea of your website. Your domain name should not be irrelevant in connection to your content on the website.

It looks like a clickbait as well as highly unprofessional to use a domain name that is completely different from what you are going to offer to the people. Thus, you need to choose a decent, simple and relevant domain name that complements your content and makes your website look good.

2. Make sure that your content on your page is optimized

On-page optimization refers to the optimization of both the HTML code and the content on your page. You need to optimize all the pages separately. This task is not only a part of getting a higher domain authority but also works on your search page ranking.

Google also makes the use of on-page optimization to place a web page higher than others. Hence this point becomes very much important when it comes to the matter of success of your website. Thus, you need to optimize your pages, thereby optimizing your on-page content for better domain authority.

3. Create content that can be shared around, thereby increasing the traffic on your website

This is another important point. Your content needs to so good that other websites or even different users share your content through their blogs or social media. Creating content that can generate external links for your website can turn fruitful. Mozrank and Moztrust work on this principle and if you manage to create such good quality content then automatically your domain authority will go up along with your ranking as this strategy works altogether on two characteristics of Moz to determine the ranking score. For this, you must be regular with your content posting and your content also needs o to be very relevant to the theme of your website.

4. Work on the structure of Internal Linking

Internal linking is often overlooked by the creators in order to keep working on building a great external link base. But do you know that generating internal links is equally important? Actually, internal linking improves user engagement with your website. Suppose a user came up to read something on your website and he has completed going through the content provided by that specific page.

If you offer similar content pages’ internal links, the user might want to go to those pages and go through the content and the cycle repeats. This also helps to establish a user-website relationship. Another tip would be to let the user navigate through your posts easily without any complexity. This could make the user satisfied.

5. Make your website optimized for mobile

This is the era of smartphones and tablets. It is not necessary that people use a desktop device to view your content; hence, it becomes very necessary for your website to be responsive web design for the mobile. This enables the users to go through your content easily and without any complexes.

In case, your web design is not responsive for mobile phones and tablets, even after entering, the users might want to leave your page because your content will not be easily accessible on the small handy devices. This could lead to losing a lot of users even after being able to navigate them to your page. Thus, it converts your web page turn into mobile-friendly whenever needed by the users and visitors.

6. Promote your content through social media websites

Just like smartphones and tablets, social media sites are a place where millions and billions of people go to every day. It would be an extremely rare case for someone to not be familiar with the social media platform. Hence, if you choose to promote your content on a social media website; you will gain huge traffic from the social media platform directed to your website. A different characteristic of Moz is to define the ranking scores using social signals. Social signals can only improve when social media sites directed users will come and engage with your content making your content reach a high visitor’s engagement.

7. Work on the loading speed of your website

Remember this that no user would sit idle and wait for our website to be loaded in a few minutes. It is a huge turn off for the visitors of your website. Hence, if you want to have visitors come to your website and engage with your content, the first and foremost thing you need to work on is your loading speed.

Only when you increase your loading speed is when users will get to interact with your content. Suppose, you, yourself are looking for information urgently. You found it and are trying to open the page. In case, the page does not open for a long time, will you sit idle and wait or will you close it and go to another page?

This proves that even after having a good enough content, you can still chase you, users, away from your own website if the loading speed of your web page is extremely slow. Thus, you need to work on increasing the loading speed of your page using various methods. Thus, these were some of the things you could practice increasing or domain authority or make sure that the domain authority of your website does not dropdown.

Moz undergoes a lot of research, and on the basis of a number of characteristics, domain authority is decided. These characteristics include linking root domains, Mozrank, Moztrust, Quality content, social signals, and search engine’s friendliness. These characteristics combine to calculate the search engine ranking score of a website. In order to improve the ranking score, basically, we work to improve these characteristics.

Linking root domains is the number of backlinks gained by your website which are completely unique. Mozrank measures the strength of the external links developed by your own website. Moztrust is a detailed analysis of Mozrank. It checks on how closely a website is linked to any trusted website. It monitors your website’s relationship with a trusted website.

Quality content is just what the name suggests. Moz looks at the quality of the content that you are offering to your audience. Social signal is both used by Moz and Google. It monitors public interaction with your content. Search Engines Friendliness looks at a couple of things at once. It monitors the SEO practices and ease of use of your website.

In case you are unable to do all this on your own; you can seek help from an experienced digital marketing agency in Delhi or an SEO company in Delhi. You can decide for yourself if you want to do the whole process of improving your domain authority on your own or you want to high some external digital marketing or search engine optimization services for your own website. It is quite necessary for your website to have better domain authority.