Dental Implant Education

A live patient dental implant training is a course where specialists supervise beginner dentists to perform procedures like teeth extractions, bone grafting, intra-crestal sinus lifts and other such complex processes. This type of dental training is essential for:

  • Novice and intermediate dentists
  • Doctors who are interested in carrying out more than 25 implants
  • Doctors who are determined enough to take their practice to the next level
  • Lastly, these training are essential for dentists who are interested in venturing out more surgical fundamentals

Here a few things that you should consider while undergoing live patient dental implant training.

  • You should make sure that after the completion of the course, you have a thorough understanding about the principles associated with bone biology and its classification so that you know the exact drilling protocol to be used to preserve bone minerals and avoid perforation.
  • You should be able to review the head and neck anatomy so that you can implant surgery by outlining the anatomical structures.
  • You should also be able to understand and identify the surgical safety zone. This is an essential consideration as you will have to perform many surgeries. So, it is imperative to determine the safety zone so that you do not make any surgical error.
  • Another important thing is to consider how to manage soft tissue. As a dentist, you will be dealing with teeth and the soft tissues inside the mouth, so it is essential to know how to manage them. Managing soft tissue is vital to perform procedures like incision techniques and to suture principles

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  • These training programmes should also make you understand the drilling, spacing, angulation and insertion protocol as you will have to perform all these procedures on a live patient. If you fulfil all these procedures without proper understanding, you might end up in big trouble and might also put your patient under risk of infections or other accidents. So, before you opt for such a procedure make sure you have a proper understanding
  • It is also essential for you to understand prosthetic protocols and also be aware of the ways to correct spacing problems so that you avoid perforation of the buccal wall and natural dentition.
  • While you are undergoing such training programmes, you should consult your specialists before you try any procedure on your patient. You should remember that you are dealing with live patients, and a single mistake might end in creating more significant problems. So, you should know when to refer the cases to your seniors and always abide by the surgical standard of care.
  • An essential thing in this training is that you learn to pre-medicate and prescribe post-surgery care.

Live patient dental implant training is a great way to bridge the gap between theory and the reality in the clinic. It will provide knowledge on oral implantology under the supervision of the experts.

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