Organizing closet itself is a big project and if the closet is small the task becomes more challenging. It is truly difficult to deal with small closets, especially the oddly-shaped ones. However, that does not mean it is impossible to keep your tiny closet clean and organized.

Today custom closets Brampton have become very popular as they are very much helpful in maintaining closets neatly. Apart from this, there are some common mistakes that we often do which makes the organizing task more complicated for us. Avoiding these mistakes can certainly bring in a positive change in the way you organize closets.

Learn about these common mistakes so that you can avoid them while organizing your closet.

1. Storing unwanted things in it

Decluttering on regular intervals is extremely important to keep your closet neat. However most of us have the tendency to store clothes even the ones that we don’t use anymore. This increases the burden on your closet. If you have clothes in your closet that you have not even touched for more than a year then it’s time to get rid of them. When you have less space in your closet, you need to manage the space smartly.

2. Using wrong type of hangers

It may sound wired but hangers do play a vital role in managing space in your closet. If you keep hangers of different shapes and sizes in your wardrobe then you simply destroy your custom closet organizing plans. Your hangers don’t need to be exactly the same but they can at least be of the same size or type. Large shirts wrapped around small hangers get wrinkles very easily and hangers at different heights make it difficult to take your clothes out. Try out basic hangers with a bar that go well with pants, blouses and skirts.

3. Forcefully stuffing clothes into your closet

For the optimum utilization of space in your closet you can always keep your off season clothes to a different place and keep inside only those you wear on regular basis. A lot of people keep them together which makes the space messier. If possible try to rotate your clothes based on the weather. Many small closets have extra space where you can keep them instead of stuffing them in your basement.

4. Buying too many organizers

Storage boxes, bins and dividers can definitely help you in keeping your closet organized but too much usage can simply ruin their usefulness. This is because these organizers or closet storage solutions also occupy space in it. You cannot be totally dependent on them to do your work here. When you have space crunch you should only use those organizers that take up less space in your closet. Large shelving units and racks will add up to the mess instead of reducing it.

5. Having no system

A messy small closet is so powerful that you might need to struggle a lot to find your clothes in it. As clothes are tightly packed in the closet it becomes more difficult to sort clothes from it. That is why systematically categorizing clothes is very important for a neat and clean closet.

If you can relate to these mistakes then try to avoid them to organize your small closet skillfully. Whether big or small, a nicely organized closet instantly freshens up your mind and also saves your time in finding your clothes.