Do you still remember the rush we had in our hearts before checking the results? Fear of failing at something badly had always frightened the human mind. We for some reason believe that success is the only good thing to appreciate.

Failure after long perseverance is much grander than never to have a striving good enough to be called a failure.  – George Eliot

Why don’t we appreciate our failures? Why don’t we say that it is good to fail at something rather than never trying it? Perhaps our perception of things is entirely judgemental. Let us learn to embrace our fears.

Failure is the mirror of our abilities: We need to understand the basics. Let’s suppose a kid has badly faced his exams. At this point in time, he is highly demotivated and feels negative about his failures.

But failing is actually a good sign. It signifies that the kid is not made to retain facts and ace exams and should try creative stuff. He can be a good singer, athlete or painter. His talents are different and should be nurtured with personalized care.

Thus, failure is the mirror of our abilities. It guides you in the right path and directs you to your correct destination.

We all have some or other time failed to crack that engineering seat or some other opportunity but instead of taking that failure negatively if we believe that failure is an opportunity to redirect our path, to find something worth our abilities and an opportunity to do something better, life becomes easy and resolved.

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Someone who fails by and by is sure to succeed cause he is going to someday find the right path having tried so many paths. They correctly say that you lose when you quit not when you fail.

You think failure is hard?

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Failure is not the endpoint but the leading point in your next journey: People treat failures as the end of the world but the failure resets and redirects your life in another direction so it is the leading point for your future adventures.

Embracing failures: If we try to change our perception towards things then bouncing back to try new adventures becomes easy.

With every failure, you encounter to know the reason for failing to learn your lessons. It’s worth failing only if you grow yourself from that. Always analyze your reasons, learn your lessons. Failures have all of your answers to embrace them in silence.

Being tough: With a focused mind and experiences from the past, try again, try better. After failing at something, the mind naturally gains focus on the subject and with all the experiences you have gained, you know better to tackle the things. So cheer up for many new exciting adventures that are waiting for you.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. – Thomas Edison