Ransomware has been on a rise and it has had a significant effect on disaster recovery. Although it does not cause any physical damage to the organization as opposed to natural disasters it can still affect an organization gravely, with its aftershocks to last for a long period of time.

Paying Ransom should not be an Option

No one, in the right state of mind will recommend any business owner or company to simply just pay the ransom. This is the last resort and should only be taken into consideration if there is absolutely no way out of the situation.

The first option, of course, is through recovering all the files and systems through backups. This way, all the data would be recovered and no ransom money would be paid.

Paying ransom should never be an option as it never helps. Even if you do manage to pay the ransom money, there is no guarantee that you will get a decryption key to recover your data, as there is no tracking these hackers and you simply cannot just take their word for it.

Apart from all the financial loss, a company suffers by paying the ransom, it also fuels the ransom market and gives an encouragement to the attackers and promotes how vulnerable enterprises are to these attacks.

Ransomware leads to Downtime

After data loss, the next major concern of any company or business owner is downtime. No one wants any amount of downtime, it is simply not good for business and dents the goal of business continuity of a company.

If this is not a strong enough reason for DR Backup Plan then maybe this will shake your spine.

According to recent reports, Ransomware caused companies a gross loss of about 638 million dollars in the last year (2018). This is a huge amount. This figure is a combination of ransom money and the number of loss companies suffered due to an excessive amount of downtime.

Ransomware attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and in order to protect from them, backup and disaster recovery planning is a must.

Backup & Disaster Recovery can protect your Company against Ransomware

Recovering from ransomware is possible but it requires immediate preparations beforehand. The modern backup market is evolving in such a way that downtime is considered unacceptable and this favors highly in case of ransomware. A cloud backup and recovery solutions help businesses to save their valuable data from such disasters.

Having frequent backups available favors recovery greatly and with the right vendor, like StoneFly who offers RTOs less than 15 minutes, you boost the ransomware protection as all your backup data would be recovered in a matter of minutes.


The widespread of ransomware is alarming but is not a surprise. The surprise, however, is the number of companies still not serious about the damage it can cause. You may not know when it may strike but recovery is not a mystery. Getting a DR plan beforehand helps greatly in recovering from an attack and can prevent it as well.