Teaching and classroom management apps for teachers


The teaching profession is undeniably prestigious. The teachers play a vital role in shaping children’s career and mould them into responsible citizens of India. With the advent of technology, the teaching profession has gone through radical changes. Nowadays, modern technologies have changed the way teaching happened earlier. These technologies have helped the students and the teachers to a great extent. Gone are the days when the smartphone was a source of distraction for the students. Nowadays if you have a smartphone in hand, you can download some great apps that can help in learning progress tracking. These apps will have augmented reality and features for video calling and will help the teachers and students to a great extent. We will talk about some great apps that can help in teaching and classroom management:


This is a great app for both teachers and students. The students can submit a question through a regular web browser using a unique event code through this app. The question paper will appear on the presentation screen, and the teachers can present the questions to the class in an easy-peasy manner. For example, one question answered presentator could remove it from the queue. The questions are generally of multiple-choice types, and they are saved on the word cloud options.

Behavior flip

Classroom management becomes extremely tedious sometimes. If you are a teacher who constantly struggles with classroom management, then this app is for you. This app allows teachers to track students’ “coachable” behaviors in two categories—respect and responsibility. Even with this app, the teacher can reward the students who behaved well in the class. This app also helps the teacher track if some behavioral issues have been resolved for the students.

Too noisy:

Most of the time, the teachers struggle to pacify a class that is too noisy. Now you can download an app on your smartphone that will help you deal with a noisy class. This app detects environmental noises, and it emits a beep when the aforementioned noise is excessive.

Bouncy balls:

This is another great app for the teachers for keeping the noises in class in control. When the class is quiet, the balls are seen at the bottom of the app. However, when the class starts getting noisy, the balls start moving up and down. This way, the teachers can track if the class has become too noisy.


The students often desire to study in particular universities, but they do not get the chance to do so. If you want to study at a particular university, then this app is for you. This app brings universities to students’ fingertips, and students can learn anything and everything. This app has more than two thousand courses. This app can help the students to build their career. The app is designed with study material handouts and interactive quizzes that is helpful for both teachers and students.


Are you someone who is weak in maths? Are you a teacher who constantly struggles to explain difficult mathematical problems to students? If your answer was affirmative to any of the above questions, then this app is meant for you. This app comes with printed and handwritten mathematical problems, animated instructions, and interactive graphs to make Maths interesting for anyone. The best part is that this app works without an internet connection. This app also has an inbuilt scientific calculator to help the students complete their problematic mathematical assignments.


This amazing app helps the students to learn through quizzes. Here you can explore many flashcard sets that will help students memorize tough concepts easily. This app also has many educational gaming activities which make the study fun for students. This app also has many practice sets, and it even generates study reminder progress so that you can learn at your own pace. In addition, you can get study images and custom images for standardized exams, and audio helps in enhanced learning.


If you are a parent who is constantly worried about your child’s progress, then this app is for you. This app allows teachers to post the best works of students in forums to share the same with students. As a teacher, this app will help you provide concrete areas of strengths and improvement areas for children.

Class tree:

Obtaining parental consent is undeniably a tedious job for any teacher. This excellent app helps teachers to collect consent for field trips.


The slack app helps the teachers and the students to stay connected. This app also pushes important reminders and allows students to add multiple images.


This app helps teachers with a plethora of classroom activities. For instance, with this app, the teachers can keep attendance, monitor grades and keep track of the class notes, plan time table for class, monitor performance analytics of students, and many more.

Poll everywhere

This app allows students to respond to a poll via text message. The polls are created using multiple-choice, interesting graphics, clickable images, and questions.

Thus as a teacher, you can download any of the apps mentioned above on your smartphone and enjoy a smooth teaching experience.


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