Just like a candidate jumps at the opportunity of getting a good job offer, employers also get extremely thrilled after recruiting an efficient employee. The only difference in both situations is that the former has lesser damage to bear if something goes wrong, he can easily get another offer, but the latter pays a huge price.

Their productivity could be adversely affected, it could cause defamation, a lot of resources could be wasted and what not! For such disparity in consequences, HR managers pay additional attention while performing every recruitment-related responsibility.

After shortlisting the desired applicants and proposing a suitable job offer to them, employers often make a few mistakes in a hurry. Although these errors are repairable, no one can afford the harm that a little negligence might bring their way.

A slight carelessness can create great chaos amongst the candidates/ employees and end up in major disputes. To avoid such squabbles, let us walk through some sure-shot preventive measures that employers can take:

Take your time to issue the Offer Letter

Once the candidate has an offer letter in hand, there is no going back! If in favor, they will immediately say yes and you will have no other option but to agree to whatever has been mentioned in the document. So, make sure not to rush into issuing an official paper-like an offer letter.

First, have a verbal interaction with the shortlisted applicant, click on the offer letter download option to get a standard template and then thoroughly draft the letter.

Only after everything is double-checked, you should release the document. This additional caution will help you stay peaceful in the longer run.

Highlight the Deadline for Offer Acceptance

Candidates keep on giving interviews in different organizations and put other offer letters on hold for too long as per their convenience. As an employer, it can be troublesome for you at times.

Thus, it is advisable to clearly mention the expiration date of the offer in the letter. The instruction should have a clear indication of the document’s validity period, post which the proposal would be considered off.

Don’t Forget a Signature on the Document

After joining an organization, some candidates abscond in the initial days due to unknown reasons and deny their employment altogether.

To avoid being in such situations, as a proof of acceptance of the offer letter, you need to get the document of an agreement signed in order to prevent future squabble.

Stay Cautious About the Particulars

Besides the date and time of joining as well as other events, it is highly recommended to cross-check/double-check the credentials and actually every single word written in the offer letter.

Failing to mention the correct information, candidates can claim otherwise and the official paper would lose its authenticity.

Thus, it recommended that you run an employment background verification details like name, position, salary, department, shift and other elements before issuing the letter.

Mention the At-Will Employment Clearly

You stand one step ahead of the candidate as an employer! You have certain privileges that stop the employees from misusing their powers during their employment period. So, to stay away from the feuds that organizations face at a later stage, you need to clearly state the At-Will Employment Relationship in the offer letter. In this way, employees will stay informed about the consequences of any infringement of company policies and laws or illegal activities inside the premises.

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