If you are involved in the printing business? If yes, then replacing and refilling ink and toner cartridges must be turning out to be heavy on your pocket. Along with being expensive, the cartridges made of plastic are also harmful to the environment. Hence, rather than replacing the cartridge very often, try to refill them.

You do not necessarily have to get help every time to do this. You can look up online on how to refill them, and then with a little practice, you will be able to do it easily at home.

How do companies save with refill ink and toner cartridges?

Thus, mentioned below are some methods to save money with ink and toner cartridge.

1. Buy Compatible Printer Cartridges

When you do buy cartridges, it is not necessary to stick to the parent brand of the printer. Instead, you can opt for other trustworthy compatible printer cartridges that are cheap and ensure good performance. They are easily available online, and some even come with a warranty of 6 months to 1 year.

2. Buy Recycled Cartridges

Other than buying compatible cartridges, another option is to purchase recycled cartridges. They are 60% cheaper than new cartridges and are also environmental friendly

3. Recycle your Cartridges

You can also benefit the environment and other buyers by saving your used cartridges. You can either refill them on your own or just hand over the used cartridge to the store for further processing. Some stores even have the provision of giving you reward points for every cartridge you save.

4. Use the Appropriate Font

When printing, use smaller fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, etc., which use less printing ink as compared to other fonts. Along with changing the font, you can also lower the print density to save on toner and ink.

5. Use Greyscale

Printing in greyscale requires lesser toner. Printing in black and white is more feasible than colour printing because colour printer cartridges are more expensive.

6. The Print Command

Avoid printing a large document in segments. Give the command for printing the entire document at once because each time we give the command, the cartridge rotates and sets itself, which unnecessarily wastes many toner particles.

7. Proofread Before you Print

Read your document properly and look for grammatical and content errors. This saves the energy of having to print again, which wastes both time and ink. The benefit justifies spending a little extra time on reading.

8. Print Smart

In the end, you can print smart by only printing the necessary documents. Otherwise, you can work with the soft copy, which allows you to save money, paper, and ink.

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