Considering the fact that all of us care for what we love, wines are no less care-worthy. And a perfect way to care for our collection of most cherished wines is by opting for a home wine cellar. Wine cellars are your perfect companion for wine storage. Space-efficient and with customizable options, wine cellars allow your wines to age perfectly, keeping the flavors intact.

Wine Cellar for Home

Nowadays, everybody is looking for home wine cellars that suit their overall home décor. Be it wooden or glass finish, wine cellars are a great addition to your home décor other than upholding your wine collection. Well, there are plenty of options available. And this is what makes it confusing for people to choose for one that complements their home.

Here are 5 wine cellar ideas to inspire you for a customized wine seller:

  1. 1920s Faux Finish wine cellars: These wine cellars are of a tucked-away nature. As the name suggests, they resemble the vintage times and moreover carry the look of a cave which has bottles of wine stored perfectly.
  2. Small-Space wine cellars or DIY wine cellars: For a small space for your Conroe TX Wine Cellars, it is much better to go for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wine cellars or racks. Here are a few options which will help you create effective wine racks for your small space-
  • Wooden crates: All you have to do is get a crate from the nearest craft store and add a wooden X or Y to the center space. After this add your finish of paint or stain, etc to make it suit the surrounding.
  • Countertop Wine rack: This involves metal rods that are inserted on a wooden slab maintaining equal spaces. The wine bottles can be placed on the rods which have a great show.
  • Hanging-Rope wine cellars: This style incorporates a long slab of wood that has manila ropes stuck on the longer sides using hot glue in the shape of hooks. This enables you to place the wine bottles in them. You can use a clear finishing spray or adhesive to harden the rope in its place.
custom wine storage rack

imagesource: cellarium

Other than these there are also other kinds of small wine racks that can be used effectively for the storage of wines in your small space. Go for one which suits your décor better than the others.

  1. Glass-enclosed wine cellars: Glass-enclosed wine cellars are a perfect choice for your home wine cellars if you do not have a basement. These wine cellars work perfectly well in the main level of your household due to their sophisticated glass finish and modern look.
  2. Curved wine cellar: For those of you who have a compromised space for your wine cellars, you can try incorporating the corners to store your wines by opting for curved wine cellars. These also come installed with lights in order to help you find the bottle of your choice.
  3. Insulated home wine cellar: There are many manufacturers of home wine cellars that provide insulated home wine cellars that maintain an optimal temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit, courtesy to their insulated walls and ceiling. Some even provide a cooling unit that keeps the cellar atmosphere cool.

Why go with cheap when you can get the best wine cellars Houston suited to the space you have available at your home. A wine cellar should not only be functional and durable but also aesthetically pleasing. That is the whole point of wine cellars basically. Customize a wine cellar that complements your home in the perfect manner without compromising your space. The 5 above-mentioned wine cellar examples will help you give shape to your own wine cellars that reflects the personality of your home perfectly and raise a toast like never before.

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