We know that you are amazed by coloured contact lenses and you have already decided that you want to get hold of the best pair of coloured contact lenses. That would be the best decision you will ever make if you want to upgrade your fashion lifestyle. Nothing comes close to beating the glamour and beauty that is provided by coloured contact lenses.

These coloured contact lenses are simply amazing, they are just normal contact lenses with coloured tints on them. This means that you don’t have to worry about them being dangerous to wear. The coloured tints add more definition and depth to the eye colour. It not only decorates your eyes, but increases the facial beauty such that you will be turning head where ever you go.

So you must be hell bent on purchasing your favourite coloured contact lenses, and we don’t blame you. But before you do, you should know how to put them on your eyes safely so that you don’t hurt yourself. That’s right, for someone who is about to use coloured contact lenses should learn how to put the lenses in their eyes.

How to Use Coloured Contact Lenses

How to Use Coloured Contact Lenses

Below is the process of placing in the contact lenses step by step.

Buy the Best Contact Lens

Well, you need to buy coloured contact lenses before you start putting them on your eyes. But make sure you have done the proper research before buying coloured contact lenses. Always buy from the best brand and online store so that the product that you get is of the highest quality.

Now, the second part is where you need to check if all the things are there with your coloured contact lenses that you ordered. You coloured contacts like the dark grey contact lenses will come with certain accessories such as the storage case and cleaning solution.

These accessories will help you maintain your coloured contact lenses till the very end. It is important that the product you are going to use is well maintained.

How to Use Colour Contact Lenses

How to Use Colour Contact Lenses

Step By Step Put Your Coloured Contact Lenses in Your Eyes

This guide is for those who have bought coloured lenses for the first time and need help with placing in their coloured lenses.

  • Start with clean hands. No matter how you put it, coloured contact lenses are medical devices and proper care in their handling and usage is advised. That means that when you are about to touch them, your hands should be properly cleaned with water and soap. Dry them with a lint free cloth so that nothing remains on your hands. Remember you are going to put these lenses on your sensitive eyes.
  • Clean Your Lenses. Even if they are a  new product, they must be immersed in the cleaning solution. These lenses arrive to you in a sealed case with a saline solution to keep them fresh. Now that solution may not be good for your eyes. So it is advised that you place your lenses for 2-3 hours in the disinfectant solution so the lenses are perfectly okay to wear.
  • Now Place the lens on your index finger and thumb cup side up. With your hands and lenses perfectly clean, put your first lens on the index finger and thumb of your preferred hand cup side up.
  • Hold up the eye lid. You are required to make your eye space bigger by holding up the eyelid so that the lens can be placed in easily.
  • Do the same with the lower eyelid. Then the lower eyelid needs to be hold down just like the upper eye lid. This would enlarge your eye enough to put in the lens.
  • Place in the lens. Now you have enough space to put in the contact lens. Move your eye to the corner and place the lens in the other corner. Once you have done that, take away your hand and bring your eye iris towards the lens and blink a few times. This would settle the lens perfectly on the eye.
  • Do a check. Now you should look into the mirror to see if the lens have settled in perfectly. Move your eye hear and there to see if there is any discomfort with the contact lens. If everything seems fine then you have done a great job. Now you must repeat the same with the other eye.

That was the step by step guide for putting in coloured contact lenses. It will help you effectively if you follow it right. Also make sure that you are not being too careless, stay away from unnecessary things. Such as sharing your lenses with your friends or family, don’t ever do that. Also never use your lense after they have expired. Get yourself a new pair if you need it.