Over the past few years, the population has been growing at a penetrated rate, which results in an increase in the percentage of patients and even diseases. With such issues, the demand for doctors is also increasing at an unprecedented level. Technology has played a significant role in the advancement of the medical sector, and doctors are becoming more accessible in providing real-time services. With continuous improvement in the health care sector, the health care industries are contributing immensely from the past few years. With the help of the doctor’s appointment app, people can book an appointment with their doctors according to their suitability.

Generally, these apps are bridging the gap between the patient and their doctors. These doctor appointment booking apps are turning out to be a useful app for those who are busy and not able to take appointments personally. Now they can do by simply booking a doctor appointment app form their devices.

Today healthcare apps for doctors are in demand. A recent study published by Research and Markets reports that the mobile health app market is set to rise around $103 billion by the year 2023. Although the popularity of such health apps continues to grow, the base price of doctor appointment app development one is around $20k and will get higher as the industry evolves.

Top Players of Doctor Appointment Apps

  • Zocdoc
  • Practo
  • Otboo
  • Setmore
  • Healthtap
  • CSWebSolutions
  • Consumer-Sketch
  • Lybrate
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Must-Have Features for Best Doctors App

Long ago, those days were gone when we were standing in a queue for an appointment, but now with advancement, most of the companies are employing health app that gradually changes the style of treatment. Here are some emerging features that must be there in the doctor’s app.

1. Doctor’s Profile

This is a significant feature that needs to be there in every doctor’s booking app. The app must allow doctors to create their profile with significant details that may include Name, Qualification, Experience, and Specialization. After adding all the details, you must verify the relevancy and accuracy of the doctor before activating the profile. To keep your app more genuine, you can ask the doctor to submit their scan documents to eliminate all possibilities of fraud. Other details comprise of his clinic or hospital location, the particular days and timings he or she is available, and, if required, other staff details.

2. Push Notification

Features like push notification can help the user to receive updates from the device. This app provides a push notification feature to its user by sending a reminder on his device about the appointment confirmation, medicine intake time, and even this doctor appointment app allows the user to track their doctor’s location if the doctors are available at that time.

3. Security Portals

In order to protect confidential customer data from being stolen and misused, a doctor’s appointment app must use the best security features like a 2-way verification method. Implement a multi-factor authentication security features to reduce possible risk and improve customer relationships. Maintain a separate panel that observes all kinds of functioning and detach breaches as soon as they appear.

4. Geographical Location

Geographical location allows patients to search for doctor’s clinics. Using the functionality of the app makes it easier for the user to find the right location using the inbuilt navigation system in the doctor’s booking app. With these impressive features, it enhances the usability of the doctor’s app. This kind of app is proven beneficial at the time of emergency.

5. Payment Options

In today’s time, everyone wants to go cashless. The online doctor’s app gives its users a full e-commerce payment platform where users can pay directly through Google Pay, PayTM or any other electronic platforms.

Wrapping up

Digitization is taking over almost all the industries, be it education, automobiles, or healthcare; it has made an enormous impact on humankind. With the help of new emerging technologies, digital healthcare is growing fast. These features are, therefore, useful for both parties, so it is vital to add all the features that can enhance revenue generation and improve the goodwill of the app. Contact a doctor app development company that can bring superior solutions with impressive features using the Zocdoc clone script.