If you are facing high bounce rate problem on your website, then no point to worry.
My name is Bhupender saini and this is my first guest article, In this article I will tell you the top 4 ways to control your bounce rate. High bounce rate means that the users are bouncing back from your article, which can highly affect your search engine rankings.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

You can easily check your bounce rate from your Google Analytics data and normal bounce rate should be around 50-60%, but if your bounce rate is around 80-90%, then it is a point to worry. But read this article and you can easily control your bounce rate. If you use these tips then you can easily control your bounce rate

Top 3 ways to decrease Bounce rate

Here are three ways, through which you can easily control bounce rate. Let’s have a brief look at these ways.

Attractive Titles, Headings, and Sub – headings

If you are using attractive and informative headings in your article, this forces the user to read your article and spend some time on your page. If your headings, titles are not helpful or attractive then user will bounce back without reading. So you must include attractive, headings, and titles. Structure of headings must be proper.

Speed of website

If your website is slow then the user will not read your article and bounce back to another search result. According to a survey 97% of internet users like fast pages. There are various speed optimization techniques through which you can easily make your pages fast and decrease the first content ful paint. You can also use AMP plugin, to create amp pages of your posts. This will make your pages fast and user will interact with your article.

Attractive images

The images must be attractive and optimized, this will make users to interact with your content and user will read your article. This is also helpful in controlling bounce rate of your website.

If you are working on images website then use Native lazy load plugin, for better optimization. Check the lazy load on good morning images website.

Internal linking

This is the best practice to control your bounce rate. You must add links of articles of same categories. Due to this user will read your other articles and spend more time on your website. When user will land on your article then he will also visit other sites of same categories and increase time on your website.


In conclusion of this article I will say that use these tips to control bounce rate of your website. This will surely improve your ranking and boost your traffic. I have applied these practices and got better results, so I hope you will also get better results. To get more SEO tips, follow me and for any query, suggestions use the comment box. If this article is helpful for you then give a social share to this article. Thanks for reading this article.