Who Doesn’t Love Road Trips!

Say Goodbye to boring and rutted driving.

We present you with a travel vehicle which offers multiple advantages. The Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van, which can carry 12 passengers, has car-like drive ability and is built keeping safety in mind.

You shall embrace driving after you set your hands on the steering wheel of this one!

The Sprinter Van is bound to uplift your travel experience owing to these features:

  • The van is built to keep everyone on board and road safety. It comes with an active brake assist which signals you of upcoming hazards and brake for you.
  • The van has the traction to run on rough roads and difficult terrains. It sports an electronically engaged four-wheel drive.
  • The blind spot risks are covered by the van’s radar sensors which detect vehicles closing in on your blind spot and alarm you. It helps you while reversing the vehicle by letting you know if there are any vehicles or pedestrians close to the car.
  • Long drives can cause fatigue and dizziness. The Mercedes Sprinter Van read your driving patterns and gives you early warnings in case it detects you are sleeping.
  • No parking hassles anymore. There is a 360-degree view camera which aids you while maneuvering and parking your vehicle.
  • The wet wipers give you a clear vision of the path ahead, so you do not need to struggle with the dust and dirt settled on your windscreen while driving.
  • It supports mobile phone integration and has a touch screen with voice control. This enables you to stay connected with all the essential people while on the drive.
  • The van has high efficiency, supreme quality and low cost. Why deny a pocket-friendly car with these many benefits!
  • The Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van can bear overloads up to a gross weight of 12000 lbs. You can take an entire home with you while travelling.
  • Getting the van customized to meet your expectations is easy. Add Wifi, Television, speakers, music system, sofa, or your entire office and take it along.
  • Push back seats, Abed, a kitchen or a small bar can also be included. Party while travelling to your holiday destination and while at it! Are you worried about pee breaks? A customized van can also support a bathroom.

Travel luxuriously, safely and smoothly with the Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van. If you aren’t using it, get it customized and rent it out! Earn a few bucks extra with you relaxing at home and the renter relaxing in your van. This vehicle ensures bumpy free, classy and peaceful travel experience. It can also be used for frequent business travelers who dream of a mobile office! It can be converted into a personal office with a desk, work station and coffee machine for breaks. Conduct meetings in the van or travel for sittings to different places!