Amsterdam has something for everyone. It is the capital of the Netherlands and it is known for its laid back style and variety of festivals. The city hosts different kinds of festivals every single season.

If you want to experience the Festivals in Amsterdam, then you might as well book your tickets around that time. Normally, the dates of the fests are announced well in advance so that the tourists can book their tickets accordingly.

Some festivals are hosted every year while some festivals are not that consistent. However, you will enjoy the vibe of the festivals for sure.

Thus, apart from Amsterdam travel destinations, you should take part in at least one of the Amsterdam festival. Read on to find out the top festivals hosted by Amsterdam.

Let’s Look at the Top 5 Festivals in Amsterdam

1. King’s Day

It is Amsterdam’s biggest party. It takes place on April 27th every year and it is called King’s Day. The amusing thing to watch is that the entire city wears orange coloured clothes.

This is done in the honour of the Dutch Royal family. This is because the royal family is descended from the house of orange Nassau. Apart from that, the whole city goes on the streets to celebrate King Willem Alexander’s birthday.

The whole city is converted into a huge flea market. There are a lot of items for sale. You will find them everywhere on the streets, sideways and parks. The city also has food and drink stalls everywhere.

Aamsterdam boat

The whole place just looks amazing at this time. The party celebration usually starts one night before. There are DJs and music on the streets. You can find a party happening almost everywhere in the city.

Apart from that, even the canals turn in to a huge party venue. However, you need to be invited to a local’s boat for the same. Although, the whole experience is amazing and you will definitely end up making some amazing memories.

2. Amsterdam Gay Parade

It is a festival for gay pride and one of the well-known festivals in Amsterdam. Also, it is one of the largest gay festivals in the world and it is celebrated publically in the grandest way as well.

A lot of people are aware of the fact that Amsterdam is a gay-friendly city. Hence, they celebrate this with much pride. It does not matter whether you are gay or not. Make sure to visit this festival as it will be a great experience.

amsterdam gay parade

Gay Parade in Amsterdam

Basically, people in huge crowds come on the streets with colourful banners and confetti. They parade through the main roads of Amsterdam. It is actually considered to be one of the top festivals in Amsterdam.

Also, the parade is followed by a canal parade. It is the highlight of the festival as colourful and decorated boats move through the city.

3. Cannabis Cup

Make sure to visit this festival in Amsterdam. You will get a completely different perspective on everything after attending this one. It will let you loose and you will probably make some of the best memories. This festival basically celebrates the cultivation and fostering of cannabis.

It is a 5-day event. The fest shows the whole process of the herb and how it is cultivated over the years. The first edition of the festival was hosted back in 1987 by an activist from America.

After that, it has become a popular event among hemp enthusiasts and stoners. You will be able to try different variety of weed samples and also sugary treats made from them.

The whole innovation of this festival makes it one of the top festivals of Amsterdam and even Netherlands.

4. Holland Festival

This is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam during your trip. Holland festival is actually the largest performing arts festival in the whole of the Netherlands.

It takes place in June every year. If you are artistically and culturally inclined, then you will love this festival. The performances are done by international artists from different fields like theatre, dance, and music to opera. You can also witness events visual arts, films, and even architecture events.

holland festival

Holland Dance Festival

The festival events are held all over the city and are among the popular festivals in Amsterdam. Some of the popular venues include the Muziekgebouw, Westergasfabriek, Stedelijk Museum, and the National Opera and Ballet. The events that are in Dutch have English subtitles and thus, you can witness all of them.

5. Amsterdam Dance Event

It is probably one of the best events in the whole of the Netherlands. The event is popularly called as ADE by the locals.

It is an annual dance and music festival. If you are culturally inquisitive and love performing arts, then this is the event for you.

amsterdam dance festival

Amsterdam light and dance festival

Apart from that, the festival also offers a lot of electronic music. This will make you dance and let loose for sure.

A lot of upcoming and established DJs usually come to this festival to play. There are a lot of food stalls available on the premises. They usually offer delicious local delicacies.

It is usually carried out in the month of October. All in all, Amsterdam is not just famous for the nightlife, festivals, and legal prostitution but also the popular tourist spots in Amsterdam attract locals and visitors alike. During the trip if any of the festivals happen, make the most out of the time.